Can I use your recipes on my blog/newsletter/etc.?

Absolutely!  Hey, most recipe bloggers don’t “create” entire recipes.  We all just find ones we like, tweak them, and kinda make them our own.  We just ask that you do not copy and paste our recipes; use your own wording if you are sharing with others.  And please–just as we try to do–give credit where credit is due.  If you share it, please let people know where you got it from.

Why do some recipe posts have printable recipe cards and some don’t?

Recipes from the old blog are awaiting their makeovers.  We’re working as fast as we can to get them all converted.


Why are so many of your photos so different in style?

Couple of reasons here.  First, the old blog has pics from 21 different authors, each with their own type of camera, experience, and styles.  So there’s that.  Second, once we moved the blog to a new platform and did a total redesign, we found that we really preferred less clutter on our photos (decorative touches, funky fonts, etc.).  We now try to let the photos speak for themselves by leaving off the editing adornments and by constantly trying to improve our photography techniques.

Can I use the photos from your blog?

No, sorry.  We might make the occasional exception but in that case you must request permission and we’ll consider it.  Under no circumstances is it okay with us for you to use our photos without permission and just say “photo from Mormon Mavens” or something similar.  Please do not use our photos without express written permission from us.  Thank you!


What’s this “old blog” you keep referencing?

Mormon Mavens was originally hosted on blogger.  In September of 2016 we relaunched with Wordpress, which changed things up a lot.  The old blog had lots of authors.  The new blog has two–Anna and Julie.  You can read more about our history here.

What the heck is a “maven”?

A maven is most often defined as an expert or connoisseur. We’re no experts on cooking. But I think we are experts on what we like and what we don’t like. And that’s where our favorite definition comes in….”one who passes on knowledge”.  That’s what we mean when we say maven. We’re passing on the knowledge that, hey, we really like this recipe/project/idea and we want to pass that on to our readers.