Meet Julie

meet julie

 Julie created this blog back in 2011 and now blogs here with her sister, Anna.  She’s the youngest of four girls and is a proud member of the G.R.I.T.S. club (Girls Raised In The South)!

Julie and her husband have been married since 1991 and have five children whom they have home-schooled since, well, forever.  A native Southerner, Julie convinced her Southern California husband to settle down in her hometown in North Carolina.   They enjoy campfires, movies, read aloud time, board games, and family trips.  Her family very much enjoys when she tries new recipes, especially if they are of the sweet variety!  

Some of her family’s favorite recipes on the blog are Bittersweet Chocolate Sauce, Comfort Potato Salad, Italian Elvis Sandwiches, and Baked French Toast (which is one of the most popular recipe posts on the blog!).


Suffering from a sometimes annoying, sometimes helpful case of ADD, Julie enjoys the following pursuits:

  • cooking (duh)
  • blogging  (she actually really enjoys working on the backend of the site to get things working properly)
  • cake decorating
  • model trains (she’s only just getting into building her own layout for the first time!)
  • watching movies (comedy and action/adventure, mostly)
  • crafts and sewing (especially home decor projects)
  • finding new ways to use and enjoy Thrive foods (that she sells and just adores–especially the pineapple!)
  • photography (still trying to find my way around her very simple DSLR)
  • making cards with fun rubber stamps and accessories
  • reading 
  • graphic design (for this blog, marketing her Thrive business and blog, and for Power of Moms)
  • watching funny videos on YouTube 
  • learning (she thinks this is the biggest bonus for her personally with homeschooling)–especially history
  • gardening (she loves fairy gardens and is looking forward to building a hoop house this year–yippee!)
  • spending time with her family
  • daydreaming about being able to: play the fiddle, take her family to Hawaii, fly first class, and be on American Ninja Warrior