Choose The Right


At Church I have the amazing opportunity to work with the children ages 18 months – 12 years old. This year when we were planning out everything and all the new materials were being delivered, I was thrilled to see that the new Theme for 2012 was “Choose the Right.”

Many people are familiar with this little ring and what it stands for. If you’ve never heard about it, well… today is your lucky day!

The Ring and symbol was brought about in the mid 1960’s. The Church wanted something to help the children of the church to have a good moral code. Enter, the CTR Ring. The shield is to remind us to “shield” us from temptation. The green background was given to remind us of the evergreen tree, a tree that remains constant as seasons change. “CTR” stands for Choose the Right. We are to do the right thing, in every place and in every situation. We have been given this wonderful gift of agency, and we are to use it wisely.

I love this goal! There is a song that goes along with this theme, the very end I just love…. “Choose the Right way, and be happy…. I must always Choose the Right!”

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