In preperation for my primary lesson on how “dressing modestly shows respect for Heavenly Father and myself”, I came across this quote from President Gordon B. Hinckley, “The course of our lives is seldom determined by great, life-altering decisions. Our direction is often set by small, day to day choices that chart the track of which we run. This is the substance of our lives – making choices!”

This quote caused me to pause, and then ponder this idea for the remainder of the week. As a mother, I have given the lecture on choices more than once. Yet, even as an adult the concept of making good choices continues to apply. EVERY choice we make is important! The choice to dress modestly. The choice to not use inappropriate language. The choice to express my love to those that I care about. The choice to spend time pondering a gospel message. The choice to attend my church meetings. The choice to listen to others when they need to be heard. The choice to laugh, and smile. The list goes on. These choices are small, but important. In primary we sing, “There’s a right way to live and be happy, it is choosing the right everyday….Choose the right way, and be happy. I must always choose the right!”

I love Sundays! I feel renewed when I come home from church. I feel that I want to improve and be a better person. So, on this Sunday, I hope that you too will take time to think about the “small, day to day choices” that you are making. Make each choice count! Remember that you want each choice to be a step closer to returning to live with Heavenly Father, and not a step away from him. Choose the right, and be HAPPY!


  1. Julie says:

    Niki, this reminds me of something Gordon B. Hinckley used to share about choices. Having worked in a train yard, he was familiar with that "thingy" that you use to switch the tracks for a train. At the point of departure, the distance between one track and another is very small. But the farther you go, the greater the distance becomes. Our decisions, no matter how small they seem, steer our lives in one direction or another. Great post, Niki!

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