Spooky Drippy Candles

drippy-candles-8It all happened because I was thinking how boring my black candles were–I had bought them for my Halloween mantelscape and had foregone the much-more-expensive-but-way-more-cute black and orange striped candles.  What could I do to liven up these boring tapers?



So I went to the crayon drawer and started hinting for orange, green, and purple (I love those colors together for Halloween!).  And I knew that they needed to be fairly light in color to show up on the dark candles.  My girls and I lit the black tapers, peeled back the paper on the crayon, and hoped for the best as we held the tip of the crayon near the candle flame and watched it melt, droop, and drip its way down the taper’s sides.


Instant satisfaction!!!  

And we just couldn’t stop!  It was so much fun that after we did the black tapers, I grabbed a bright red crayon and melted it over some old white tapers.  SO FUN!  


Now maybe red drippy candles is too creepy for you.  That’s fine.  But do you see the possibilities here?  What a fun way to decorate for next to nothing!  And the drippy look made my candles pop on my mantelscape!  LOVE IT!!!


Have some fun with this one–grab some cheap tapers and your kids’ old crayons and just play!!!  It’s strangely addicting!!



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