Trials and Tribulations

Source: Yours truly. Please, feel free to print for personal use.

I came across this quote a little while ago. Since seeing this I’ve had it marinating in my mind. Lately I’ve witnessed my family go through a myriad of trials. I know it’s important for us to go through these hardships so that we can learn and grow. But man, trials are no fun to go through! This quote seemed to help it click a little better in my mind why we are given trials and why they are so important.

“Trials and tribulations SQUEEZE the ARTIFICIALITY out of us, leaving the ESSENCE of what we REALLY are and CLARIFYING what we really YEARN for.” (emphasis added)

What and amazingly thorough sentence. While in the midst of hardships we really do feel like we are being twisted, stretched, and squeezed. Little do we realize that through that twisting and squeezing that the unneeded artificial things that cloud our view are being removed, then we are more easily able to see, feel, know what we want. To live with our Father in Heaven and become more like Him.

I don’t know about you – but I need to read this quote daily!


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