Who Can Find a Virtuous Woman? Can I?

I’ve been thinking a lot about goal and resolutions lately.  No, not just in the last few days–in the last few months, even years with some of them.  But with my history, I can sometimes be hesitant to set goals.

Why?  Well, I suppose I either aim too high and then can’t reach the goal or I lack the drive to get there or my whole plan is just flawed.  I don’t know.

But this feels different.

I guess because I’ve been thinking it over for so long.  That’s typically how I can tell that I’m on to something.  On to something for me, anyway.

And since this has been on my mind and heart for so long I feel like it is something I need to approach differently.  I mean, if my success with goals in the past has been mediocre then shouldn’t I change the approach?  Doing things the same way all the time and then expecting different results is a recipe for uber frustration, right?

Pinning ideas, graphics, articles for inspiration for becoming more like the Proverbs 31 woman

So, anyway, this Proverbs 31 woman.  She’s amazing.  And I want to be like her.  But how?  I’ve been reading great blog posts and articles about how others have interpreted her characteristics, and that has helped a lot.  I’ve pondered it myself, reading and rereading the passage, and have taken a few notes.  But it seems pretty overwhelming.

And then I thought of it.  I will take her and dissect her into 12 months and then I will work on one thing every month and divide each month into subcategories and by the end of the year I will be perfect and wait a minute this is the same old plan I always do when I try a goal and overreach and so I better not do it this way.

<screeching halt>

No.  For me, this year, I have to do this differently.  I can’t approach this like a science.  I need inspiration.  I need guidance.  I need advice from One who knows me a lot better than I do and knows exactly what I need to work on and when.

So, this year’s efforts will be different.  This year I am going to feel what I need to work on first.  And that takes thought, introspection, pondering, prayer.  Not a formula, not a checklist, not a spreadsheet.  Not the same old way (that never really worked for me anyway!).

I’ve already picked 3 small, measurable, attainable goals to work on in relation to my Proverbs 31 project.  They are personal, but I will share one of them–have a devotional study time every single day of 2015–no excuses, no misses.

The other two are related to a characteristic of the P31 woman that I feel like I am supposed to work on now.   When I feel it’s the right time, I’ll move on to another couple of things.  And I’m totally okay if this whole P31 thing takes more than the number of days 2015 has to offer me.  In fact, I am kind of expecting that to be the case.

And that’s okay.

To paraphrase a favorite poem:

Little by little,
Day by day,
Julie and flowers
Grow that way.

What are your goals?  Do you feel like you should change your approach to achieving your goals? 

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