3 Ingredient Ice Cream


I have a Cuisinart counter-top ice cream freezer and it doesn’t hold much.  This recipe is just enough to have a small scoop of ice cream over a brownie for each person in my family (7).  I have never gotten around to remembering to refrigerate the condensed milk, and it always turns out fine.  I’m sure it would set quicker, though, if I did.


1 c. cold heavy cream
1 tsp. vanilla extract
1 (14-ounce) can cold sweetened condensed milk

1.  In a mixer, whip heavy cream just until it begins to thicken.
2.  Add vanilla and whip until soft peaks form.
3.  With mixer running, slowly pour in condensed milk and whip until high peaks form.
4.  Transfer into freezer “can” of ice cream freezer and allow machine to run until ice cream has thickened.
5.  Transfer this to a freezer container and freeze until it’s “ice cream hard”.  (I was too impatient to wait for mine, so it looks pretty soft in the picture above; but it will freeze hard.)

Source:  The New York Times

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