Practice What You Preach

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I was driving down Valley Road in My Town recently and saw this quote on the marquee of the local Catholic Church:
Such a profound little statement!  We all know that others watch our actions much more than they listen to what we say.  Back in the day, the statement would have been “practice what you preach.”
It’s important for us to be sure that all of our actions reflect our values, beliefs, and standards.  We are being examples in many ways—some we may not even realize.  
Who out there doesn’t just LOVE Pinterest?  I know, right?  Well, I “re-pin” frequently, and for those who aren’t familiar with the website, it is an online kind of “someday I want to have/do/ try this really cool craft/recipe/outfit/ home décor trick– kind of like a bulletin board or file.  Even more exciting is that it is all in photos that you can click on and eventually get back to the original source for more information and directions.  You go on the site and look at all these photos and “re-pin” them to your “boards.”  One thing I started noticing was that people I know who have high standards of modesty, were re-pinning immodest, revealing clothing–strapless, backless, super short dresses, etc.  I wonder if they even realize what they are saying by re-pinning these items?  There are others out there who also know their standards, and they are confused by the mixed message that is being sent.  We can all take a lesson from this:  Every action we make, every word we say, can preach the gospel or preach something else.  Remember that we are emissaries for the Lord and we need to make sure that all we do reflects that.


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