Noble Fatherhood

In preparing for my Sharing Time today I came across this wonderful talk from President James E. Faust. In it he said, “Recently a father of a family of six children, who has had the sole responsibility for raising the family, beginning when the youngest was in diapers, told of the struggles in raising the family alone. One night he came home from work, faced with the problems of being both father and mother and felt unusually burdened with his responsibilities. One of his appreciative little girls, age 12 years, approached him eagerly, after having laid a rock on his dresser, which she had painted at school. On the flat portion of the rock she had written, “Happiness is having a dad who cares.” This painted rock and its sublime message instantly and permanently lightened the burden of this father.” -Happiness is Having a Father Who Cares by James E. Faust

What a truly amazing thing it is to have a father who cares.  My husband and I have often talked of our roles as parents and we have come to the decision that if we are representatives of our Heavenly Parents here on earth then our children will probably view Deity to have similarities to us.  It makes me view parenting a little differently.  James E. Faust also said, “Noble fatherhood gives us a glimpse of the divine.”  I am so blessed to have men in my life who make this statement true.  I am so grateful for fathers everywhere who take the time to care and love their children and wives, they make the world a better place. 

Happy Father’s Day!

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