Share the Vision


You might be wondering why there is a picture of a chicken on today’s Morsel post.  Well, I was “scratching” around for inspiration on what I could post today and thought I would share something that I just read in my Gospel study–just 10 minutes ago.  

Along with reading from the scriptures (right now it’s the Book of Mormon) I read an article from the Ensign .  I am also reading Lead, Guide, and Walk Beside —a great resource for women as they serve with and beside other leaders in the Church.  This is a great book and I will probably be sharing more nuggets from it in future posts–I am learning so much!

This particular insight came from a chapter on being a leader with vision.  It is critical to your success as a church leader–even as a parent, committee chair, manager–to share your vision with those you are leading.  Ardeth G. Kapp, the author of Lead, Guide… illustrates what I am talking about with the story of “The Little Red Hen.”  

We probably all remember reading our Little Golden Book story of the little red hen who wanted to bake homemade bread–she was so committed to this goal that she could almost smell it baking in the oven, but it was a daunting task since she had not even planted the wheat to start the process.  She wisely approaches her barnyard friends to enlist their help with this endeavor and ,as we all know, they turn her down.  



So she goes back home, works hard and completes this project by herself.  As she is enjoying the wonderful smell of her freshly baked bread her barnyard pals are enjoying it, too.  They beat a path to her door to partake of the fruits of her labors but are not allowed even a taste, because they didn’t help.

How do you think this story would have turned out if Red had shared her complete vision with each friend that she approached for help?  What if she had told them of the great party they would have sharing the bread they ALL worked for, the bonds of friendship they would strengthen, the skills that each would develop in the process? 

Imagine how much bread they would have produced by working together, and how they could have shared their abundance with others down the road.

I love this quote from the book:

A visionary leader will help others see what she sees, hear what she hears, and feel what she feels.  When we share the vision, we inspire others with the real purpose–“the grand why.” There are many reasons why we do some things and not others, but the “grand why” is to serve people, reach people, bless people, and bring souls unto Christ.

 I know someone who has done all of that and more–our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He has shared His vision with us through scripture and example and He is the most successful and loved leader of all.


Image of hen from Pixabay.