How Strong is Your Magnet?

 I posted this in 2015.  Somehow the topic keeps coming up to me–just had a conversation about this a couple of days ago with my daughter.  Looks like a still have some work to do on my magnet.  What are your thoughts?
Do you have women that you look up to, that have qualities and traits that you would like to emulate?  Is there one in particular that you would really like to hang out with, spend time with, hoping that some of what she has will rub off on you?   These could be qualities like humility, the ability to light up a room when they walk in, someone who is well-versed in the scriptures, or who knows just the right kind of service to give.  Maybe it’s someone who knows how to perfectly put a room together, knows just the right style and colors to wear to enhance her already natural beauty.  Whatever it is, temporal or spiritual, you might feel you lack that and want some of what she’s got.
Well, this is pretty typical for me.  I often observe women that I know that have something about them that I wish I had about me.  Maybe I do have it deep down inside, you know, but it just hasn’t emerged yet. As I sat in church one Sunday, pondering over this issue because I had just seen one of those women in the congregation, I likened the pull I had toward this person to a magnet.  Why am I pulled to her?  Why is this someone who doesn’t naturally gravitate towards a friendship with me, beyond just an occasional chat in the hall?  And then it occurred to me.  How strong is MY magnet?  My pull must not be strong enough to bring someone like that in.  Do you understand what I mean?
As I thought about this whole magnet analogy, I realized that at some point this woman had paid the price, prepared herself, and had done what she needed to be the kind of person the Lord wanted her to be–and I am sure she has more to accomplish.  The more temporal traits were just something she developed, as well.  
Have I paid the price?  Have I prepared myself and put in the time and prayer to develop traits within myself that are there for the taking?  Probably not to the degree that I should.  So instead of comparing myself to others and coming up short, I just need to do what I need to do to bring out the traits and qualities the Lord instilled in me and hoped I would recognize and strengthen.  Then my magnet will pull others to me–those with whom I can associate and we can strengthen each other.
Just some Sunday morning musings for you to consider, if you’d like.  Thanks for listening.
Image from FreeDigitalPhotos/Danilo Rizzuti.