Just a Mom?


It’s Mother’s Day.  What thoughts have been going through your mind as you have anticipated this day this week? What feelings have come to your Mother heart?  I hope they are good feelings and thoughts.  

I hope you know what a contribution you are making in the lives of your children, your family, your community.  But…

We don’t always feel that way.  Sometimes we struggle to feel like we are even noticed, much less making a difference.  

And this day can sometimes put a lot of pressure on us if we don’t feel we measure up to the ideal, because we are all supposed to be perfect in everything, right?  

And if you don’t have children yet, does that mean Mother’s Day doesn’t apply to you?  Is it just a reminder of what you don’t have?

Let’s turn this day around.  Let’s turn our thoughts and feeling around. 

This video.  Watch it now, then watch it tomorrow, watch it whenever you feel like you are not enough.  Because you are.




Photo by Derek Thomson on Unsplash

Video courtesy of LDS.org.