Almond Bites

There are days, and sometimes  weeks, where you are pulled in many directions and can’t seem to get things done as efficiently as you would like, much less remember everything that has to be done.  This morning was one of those times.  I work with the youth in our church, specifically the girls, and we alternate with the boys’ leadership in providing refreshments for a sort of bi-monthly meeting.  Well we haven’t had one this summer, for various reasons, so my brain had not realized that it was our turn to bring the treats until this morning at church.  The meeting is in 3 hours and I don’t shop on Sundays.  So, what do I have on hand?  Nature Valley Almond Bars!  Perfect.  And just so you know, there are a few others who are raiding their pantries today–girls included–so the youth will not perish from lack of goodies after their meeting.  This is a great idea for a quick treat and it’s healthy–almonds are a Super Food, remember.

Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Almond Bars

1.  Remove the wrapper from the bars.

2.  Cut each bar into thirds and then cut each third diagonally (I cannot type that word without thinking of Harry Potter).

3.  You now have cute little triangles of chewy goodness, and since these particular bars have an almond butter icing kind of thing going on on the bottom layer, they look even more presentable as a treat to take to a meeting,etc.

Another good quick treat:  Cut Fig Newtons diagonally into cute little triangles and cover in powdered sugar. Yummy!

Source:  A Desperate Youth Leader–me!

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