Baked Broccoli


I like broccoli.  A couple of my kids like broccoli.  My husband likes broccoli.  But now, we LOVE broccoli.  Seriously, we went from buying some once a month or so to buying the BIG bag from Sam’s (we used half that big bag the other day for dinner!).

Ever since trying this recipe (first seen on Pinterest), I crave it.  I have kids asking for thirds, for crying out loud!  I don’t know that I will ever make broccoli any other way again.

Baked Broccoli

fresh broccoli
olive oil
salt and pepper



1.  Preheat oven to 425 degrees.  Wash broccoli and make sure it is cut into bite-size pieces.  That big ol’ broccoli tree on the right will still be tasty but trust me, you want smaller pieces for cooking time and for taste.  Trust me.  I know we don’t know each other well, but you really can trust me.  Honest.
2.  Spread out in pan and drizzle with olive oil right in the pan.  I don’t measure because I don’t always make the same amount.  I just fill the pan in a single layer of broccoli and then drizzle the oil and toss with salt and pepper.  Right in the pan.  (sorry for the blurry pic…I was my own photographer and “I am not left-handed!”)
3.  At this point, try to look over the broccoli heads to find any dry ones.  Take these dry heads and brush them around on the pan to pick up some olive oil.  As you can see, they are not swimming in it.  Best case scenario, they all have shiny but not drippy heads.
4.  Place in oven for 30 minutes.  When the broccoli comes out, it will have shrunk and have brown crunchy spots (these are mighty tasty!).  Serve immediately.  (You may like your broccoli more tender or more crispy…play with the time till you get it right.  Remember that the more crowded the pan, the longer the broccoli will need to cook.)


Source:  adapted from several recipe sources found on Pinterest;  some use lemon juice and steak seasoning, but I really enjoy the plain salt and pepper


Originally published on March 19, 2012.


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