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Decades ago I attended a Tupperware Party.  You know, I kind of miss the cool little giveaway items they would have for their party games.  One time I got this long, skinny, cute little spoon thingy.  It was great for getting the last little bit of something out of food jars.  I lost that.  I miss that.  And then, one day I was in Walmart–any given day of the week, actually–and found these lovely smoothie straws and KA-CHING, I no longer missed my Tupperware tool.  I bought a pack of  3.  Thank goodness.  Because yesterday, while making one of several Super Bowl munchies, I had to use up the last of the mayonnaise and I just did not relish the idea of sticking my fist down in that jar to “bring out the rest” (did you get that play on a Hellman’s commercial?).  It’s a universal frustration. So I just wanted to share this great find with you because, well,  sharing is caring.

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