Serendipity Moments

I serve on the Power of Moms board.  We have a great goal-setting/reaching program called The Bloom Game where we are able to go up and set goals for ourselves in many different areas and it is kind of fun because you get to do it as a game.  Recently our board was put to a two month Bloom challenge by site co-founder Saren Loosli.  She needed some peer pressure to work on her goals, and I sure did as well, so we are all having fun doing this together–I was doing pretty well until this week, but that’s beside the point.  Anyway,  we set goals in 3 areas each week as well as sharing 2 “serendipity moments”–times when out of the blue we learn something or realize something or are able to stop and take a teaching/nurturing moment with our children.  I have actually experienced a couple of those kinds of moments since starting this challenge and it has been a truly good experience.  I will share one of those:
One of my goals one week was to really pray about what message the Lord wanted me to learn during my scripture study time and I set a goal to do that 3 times that week.  Now, this goal for me had two purposes–one was to actually study the scriptures 3 times (I am so slack in this area) and one was to actually look for something the Lord wanted to tell me.  One day I was reading from the ENSIGN–church magazine–in an issue that was all talks from our November 2010 (yes I am behind in my reading there as well) General Conference.  The particular talk was really more focused on the responsibilities of the men of the church.  It was a really good message for anyone, though, and when I got to the end I was thinking that maybe there was no specific thing there for me to take away.  Then it hit me!  An answer to a question that I had about how to recognize our young women in our congregation, as they accomplish milestones in their auxiliary of the church while they advance to the next level or age group.  That was my Serendipity Moment–seeing that the Lord does answer any question we have when we take the time to ask to receive his messages for us.
Other moments can be stopping what you are busily doing when your young child wants you to read with him and enjoying that time without worrying about getting the laundry done on time or finishing that scrapbook page or getting that blog post done on time.  Here are some others you might enjoy reading about.

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