Mother’s Apple Pie

This recipe is our family favorite and combines the basic apple pie recipe from my Grandma Davis with a pie crust recipe from my friend Jill Robinson.  An accidental collaboration, you might call it.  I made the mistake of making it once for my husband’s birthday and now it is expected each year, and again on Father’s Day.  Not a big deal and I am glad to give something so appreciated, but remember, this is from scratch and usually happens during busy weeks in our lives. Also, it is exclusively eaten by said husband so sometimes another pie is needed if anyone else wants a slice.  Even as we speak, I am posting this at my parents’ house on my way to the beach for a week because there is not Internet there unless we piggyback–with permission–from the neighbor.  Hopefully, I will have enough signal to get on and post the pictures!  Oh bother!  Hope you enjoy.

Ingredients for Pie Crust:
2 1/2 cups flour
1 cup shortening
1 egg
1 T. apple cider vinegar
1/4 cup water

1.  Cut shortening into flour in a bowl.

2.  In another bowl mix egg, vinegar and water.

3.  Stir both mixtures together into a ball.

4.  Roll out on floured surface or press with hands into a pie pan.

Yield:  2 shells or one double crust.

Ingredients for Pie:
Pastry for 2 crusts (above)
Apples (about 6 large–my preference is 3 Gala and 3 Granny Smith)

1.  Place one crust in pie pan, 9″ deep dish is best.

2.  Sprinkle 1 T. flour and 4 T. sugar over bottom crust.

3.  Put in peeled and cut up cooking apples (Winesap are good), mounded in center.

4.  Blend together in bowl 1 cup sugar, 2 T. flour, 1 t. cinnamon and 1/2 t. nutmeg.   Pour over apples and dot with butter.

5.  Place top crust over, seal around edges, and cut steam vents in top.

6.  Bake at 425 degrees F. for 45-60 minutes.  Sometimes I cover the edges with foil until the last 10 minutes to avoid over-baking.

Sources:  The Brew Family Cookbook, vol. II, “Strange Brew”, Audrey Davis and Jill Crandall Robinson, circa 1980ish.


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