Snow Cream

 This my friends, is snow cream.  I can’t tell you how much of a delicacy this is in the south. Whenever it begins to snow, which isn’t too often in the south, you wait and hope it snows for a couple of hours. Because you can’t collect the “first snow”! (I don’t know why, some older people have always said it wasn’t clean.  -smile-)  But, after its been snowing for a while you place really big bowls outside to collect the snow while it falls.  Then you bring it in and add the yummy stuff to it to make it into snow cream!  It is soo good!  We will actually take the risk of driving through terrible weather to get the ingredients needed to make this, because we love this stuff so much.  Everybody has a different recipe. Some people add eggs. (yuck) But, I tend to go with simple recipes and it doesn’t get any simpler than this.  If it snows this winter where you live, give this a try. I promise it will make you like the snowy weather much more!

Lots of Snow, (about 16-20 cups per bowl = 36-40 cups of snow for 2 cans of condensed milk)
Condensed Milk, 2-4 cans
Vanilla flavoring, 1/8 – 1/4 cup ( for 36 cups of snow.) 

   You begin this with a lot of snow!  A lot of snow! The picture below is the beginnings of our second batch.  The biggest tupperware bowls we owned were needed for this.  LOL!  This picture actually shows you there wasn’t enough collected  in the bowls to use both cans of condensed milk.  The bowls have to be packed full and heaping! 

Then add one whole can of condensed milk and about 1/4 cup of vanilla. (I know that sounds like a lot, but trust me.)  Then stir and mash.  Stir and mash.  You are going for a creamy texture.  Add snow as you go. You will use both bowls of snow.   The bowls are equivalent to a big stock pot. The biggest one in your set. 
Add the other can of condensed milk. But not the whole thing.  Then add a Tbsp or two of the vanilla flavoring.  Stir and mash. It takes a little while to mash out the snow balls in the mixture and get it all creamy. When it looks like the picture below you are finished.  Enjoy! – and put it in the freezer to keep until its all eaten.  😉

Yummy, yummy!
recipe by Niki Lewis


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