Grilled Asparagus

These look so much better than mine!
Image by Tina Phillips/

I bought 2 lbs. of fresh asparagus this weekend to have with some leftover brisket–hmmm…need to post that recipe one day–anyway, it looked kind of sketchy but I got the best two bunches I could at Walmart.  I planned on grilling them on my George Foreman grill but knew they would just roll off and there were too many spears, so then I remembered that I bought a stove top grill last year and had not used it but once.  Well, here was a perfect opportunity to try it again.  It worked perfectly!  And OhMyGosh…that asparagus was awesome.  Here is what I did…

Fresh asparagus spears
Olive Oil
Sea salt
Garlic Salt
1.  Wash and trim ends of asparagus stalks. 
2.  Place in a gallon-size plastic reclosable bag along with about 2 tablespoons of olive oil and a few shakes of garlic salt. 
3.   Close the bag and “moosh” the asparagus around in the bag and get it well-coated with the oil mixture.
4.   Place on a preheated stove top grill and sprinkle with the salt.  Grill until the asparagus is just flexible but not mushy.  You want it to have a little crunch when you bite into it.  You can also just saute the asparagus in a non-stick skillet if you don’t want the grilled effect, but really…grilled is sooooo good…
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