What a Beautiful World

If you read my recipe posts you know I spend a lot of time on Pinterest.  Okay, maybe too much time.  But one thing I love about watching my Pinterest feed is seeing all the beautiful photos of places that people want to visit, want to duplicate with watercolors or oils, or just want to pin because of the beauty.  Our earth is truly a magnificent place.

Whenever I see gorgeous autumn color or a spectacular display of flowers or a rich sunset I almost always think how much our Heavenly Father loves us to have given us such a beautiful place in which to live.  My mother once told me that sometimes when she sees a beautiful scene she just says, “Thank you” as a little tiny prayer to Heavenly Father.

Communing with nature is such a powerful way of connecting with the divine.  Prayer and meditation are often best enjoyed in a quiet, majestic, natural place.  What a beautiful world we have–our hearts should be full of gratitude for the beauty of this place.

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