Berry Honey


Berry Honey highlights the versatility of a pantry basic that’s the “bees knees.” How many things can you think of that pair well with berries and honey?

This recipe is a versatile little sauce that can be drizzled over ice cream–I think vanilla would be awesome–pancakes, waffles, fresh fruit.  We used it in place of maple syrup over Honey-Lemon Cottage Cheese Pancakes.

Ooh…put it on toast!

Quick prep and readily available ingredients make this Berry Honey a great addition to your pantry.

Berry Honey
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  1. 2 cups fresh strawberries, raspberries or blackberries
  2. 1 cup honey, mild
  1. Blend berries until smooth. Strain through a fine mesh strainer into a medium bowl and discard seeds.
  2. Let puree stand 10 minutes and skim off any foam.
  3. Whisk the honey into the puree. Transfer to a jar with a lid.
  1. Keeps in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.
Adapted from Magnolia Journal
Adapted from Magnolia Journal
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