Chicken Tortellini

    A friend made this for me years ago and we all instantly fell in love! Creamy, flavorful, hearty, it is comfort food at its finest. It freezes very well, so it is a great one to take to neighbors who need a meal or to make ahead for yourself. I prefer using frozen tortellini over dried, I think it is more tender. Enjoy!

Chicken Tortellini

5 T. margarine or butter
6 T. flour
3 C. chicken broth
1 C. light cream or milk
1 tsp salt
Pepper to taste
Dash nutmeg
7 C. cooked tortellini
1 C. cooked chicken, diced (I use one breast)
1/2 C. parmesan cheese
1 C. mozarella cheese

Combine chicken and tortellini in a 9×13 pan, set aside. In a medium saucepan, melt butter, blend in flour and cook for one minute. Stir broth into mixture; add cream or milk and cook until mixture thickens and bubbles. Add salt, pepper, and nutmeg. Pour sauce over chicken and pasta; Sprinkle cheeses over the top. Bake at 350 for 20 minutes until bubbly and golden. I like to broil it for a minute or two at the end to give the cheese a nice brown crust. You can obviously add more cheese to your taste.

Source: Katie Konold


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