Cookbook Nook: THRIVE Cookbook

How many of you are overly-whelmed when you think about purchasing/organizing/rotating/eating your food storage?  I am.  Believe me.  I have purchased several books, including Food Storage for the Clueless, in an attempt to get up-close and personal with my preparedness and really get my head around it.  Well…still working on that.  However, I have found a few ways to help ME.  One is, I got on the Q program with Shelf Reliance’s THRIVE foods.  I get an automatic shipment each month and they figure out what I need and just ship it.  Anyway, you can find out more about that HERE.  I recently ordered their new cookbook which is fully titled “THRIVE Cookbook: Food That Fits Your Lifestyle.”  I like the sound of that don’t you?
  I have only used a couple of the recipes so far, but we like them!  They taste good.  They taste normal.  I am looking forward to preparing many more dishes from this book and using…yes food storage. 


(For Cooking Channel fans, Kelsey Nixon is very involved with THRIVE foods and has included several signature recipes in this book.)


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