Mother’s Day

How nice to be able to share a post on Mother’s Day.  This day means different things to different people.  Perspectives are as varied as our moms are. Some of us will use this day to honor our mothers who have meant so much to us, who brought us into this world and helped us to become the women we are today.  For some this day is not really a celebration.  I have friends who struggled with getting pregnant, who dreaded Mother’s Day and wouldn’t attend church on that day.  I used to think that was crazy, but then I mellowed and realized how they must feel when such a focus is put on being a mom–while their arms are empty.  Sometimes, even if we do have kids, we might feel that we don’t measure up and maybe have feelings of guilt and inadequacy on that day of the year.  For others it is a beautiful celebration full of family and children and breakfast in bed and all kinds of good things.
 This year my thoughts will go in a couple of different directions.  To my Mom, who’s dementia has lessened her quality of life, but I hope she can feel the love her children have for her.  To my daughter who is an incredible mother to two amazing little boys.  To my daughter who just got married last week who is going to be an amazing mom, as well, some day.
I recently read a great article that we are publishing today on Power of Moms called “A Mother’s Day to Remember.”  I hope that you will take the time to read it–and go ahead and check out our site for more great resources and support for moms.  Good stuff to read on Mother’s Day.
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