Quick Po’Boy Sandwich

po boy


Have you ever eaten a Po’ Boy sandwich?  I have had one in my entire life.  This past week we spent a few days at the beach and of course had to hit a local seafood joint to get me some shrimp!  I brought the leftovers back to the beach house.  Mostly I just ate the cold shrimp right out of the take-out carton, but one day I was thinking I should be a little more creative.  And here you have another tasty concoction from leftovers…


Quick Po' Boy Sandwich
Great way to use leftovers!
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  1. Hamburger Bun (or a baguette or other kind of roll of choice)
  2. Leftover shrimp
  3. Lettuce, shredded
  4. Mayo or mustard
  1. Assemble your sandwich and enjoy.
  1. Po' Boys can be made of different kinds of items, so be creative!
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