The Vital Need for Daily Protection



Can you agree with me that the world is a crazier, darker place right now than it has ever been before?  Daily reminders abound to freak me out.  Stress over the presidential election, terrorism rising at a deadly rate,  wars and rumors of wars, natural and not-so-natural disasters everywhere you turn.  Maybe I need to stay away from Facebook, or watch the national news a little less–though that is hard to do.  And then there is the busyness of everyday life!  My goodness.  So much going on, and not enough time to sift through it and choose over Good, Better, Best.

Today, as I pondered what to share with you, an image came to mind that I did see on Facebook.  A friend had shared this and when I saw it, it immediately gave me a sense of peace.  


I was reminded that if we will take the time to do our personal spiritual preparation–study, meditation, scripture reading, praying, whatever you do to connect to a higher power–we will be protected and will be putting on a spiritual armor that will help to protect and shield us, as much as possible, from those things that would attempt to destroy us and pull us down to a level where we just do NOT want to be.

Do this for yourself, do this with your families.  Strengthen your soul.  Prepare for your everyday battles.


Image Source: I do not know where this image originated.  If you do, please let me know and I will give appropriate attribution.  Thanks.