Ham & Veggie Skillet Dinner

ham and veggie skillet


I am forever throwing stuff together into a skillet and seeing how it cooks up.  Seriously.  Do you do this, too?  I had some produce I needed to use up and some Thrive Ham Dices that I needed to use, so I just kind of cut it all up and came up with today’s post.  It was really good!  And filling!  And healthy!  The meal trifecta.  

Ham & Veggie Skillet Dinner
Delicious, healthy, quick way to use leftovers.
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  1. Fresh Zucchini, cut up
  2. Fresh Red Bell Pepper, cut up
  3. Fresh Cherry Tomatoes, halved
  4. Thrive Ham Dices or any diced ham
  5. Olive Oil
  6. All Purpose Seasoning
  7. Sea Salt
  8. Feta Cheese
  1. Heat up olive oil in a medium to large skillet. Add all ingredients except cheese. Saute until veggies are cooked, but not mushy. Add in Feta Cheese and stir to combine. Serve.
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