Toasting Pecans in the Microwave

Yes, I toasted my pecans in the dang microwave.  Does that sound like cheating?  Perhaps, but if time is an issue, this is a great alternative to the standard oven procedure.  Here it is, in a nutshell.  
4 cups pecans, shelled
1/4 cup butter
sea salt

1.  Place the pecans in a microwave-proof pie plate.  Add the butter, then salt to taste.
2.  Microwave on high for 3 minutes, then stir to distribute the butter.
3.  Microwave on high for another 3 minutes.  You can certainly check on the pecans and make sure they are not getting too done.
4.  Taste immediately, or wait until they have cooled a little.  These suckers are yum!
5.  Coarsely chop or not.  Add to whatever recipe needs them.

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