Veggie Shooters

These are so cute and good for you as well. Plus it was a good way for me to use up some homemade Ranch dressing–which made a ton, or a half gallon at least.  Really, it filled a half gallon pitcher.  You can get that recipe HERE.  Tasty.  I could not really tell you a source for the shooters as I have had them in several different venues–our blog launch party (made by Julie), at an ice cream social (yes, we needed the contrast.  Opposition in all things, right?) and most recently at an Arts Council board meeting (made by me).  See how versatile these are?  And I had enough left over (because I forgot where to turn on the way to the host’s home and almost everyone had “helped their plate” by the time I got there) to serve to some of the Young Women at church after a yoga class!  Awesome.  Love to get more bang for my buck.  Who doesn’t these days?

Celery, cut into 3-4 inch sticks
Baby Carrots, cut in half, lengthwise
Ranch Dressing
1.  You will need to purchase plastic “shot” glasses.  I got mine locally at Party City . These glasses are so versatile and come in several colors but you will want to use clear.
2.  Squirt about a tablespoon of Ranch dressing into the bottom of each glass.  Next, stand the celery and carrots into the dressing.  I used 5 celery sticks and the two carrot halves, but play with it and see what you like. It’s also really good with zucchini, yellow squash, red or green bell peppers, etc.
3. Serve these in a fun way or just on a tray.  I used my chips/salsa basket.  Looks really festive, don’t you think?

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